When hustle meets talent there’s no saying what the limit can be, and New Jersey rapper and entrepreneur Rado Rackz knows that. That’s why in 2016 he launched his production company Joogstarz as a creative hub and outlet for all those who can match his hustle and bring to the table different talents and styles across visuals, music, and clothing design. As a rapper, Rado appreciates the skills of others and aspires to create a platform to bring creatives of different backgrounds together. 

Before he was a rapper and entrepreneur, New Jersey native Rado Rackz was a hustler, a go-getter. No challenge was ever too big or too small, if it needed to get done Rado would find a way. This driven attitude has helped Rado pave his way through all things music and branding, which he began focusing on in 2015. 


Initially lacking resources and the experience to get behind the mic himself, Rado started out as a songwriter for some of his closest friends . After some time, however, he was ready to be the voice and face behind his own story and started writing for himself  . He felt that no one could convey his experiences and deliver the weight of his lyrics better than he could. So, without any regrets, he put his all into promoting his solo music career and building his network. His foundation and recognition are largely attributed to backpacking mixtapes and DVDs which eventually earned him a large wave of traffic across his social media. After being able to get his name out there, Rado was able to secure show performances and has shared stages alongside PnB Rock , Fetty Wap & Lil Tjay . In addition, he’s earned support from several tristate radio DJs, including DJ Drewski and HipHop Mike . His debut album, JoogStarz, which dropped in 2016 sees production from Young Chop , Nick E Beats and Yung Lan. His sophomore album Loyalty Is Key, released 2020 and focused more heavily on the lyrics while the melodies take a backseat this time around. 2021 He combined all styles and released “25/8” .


While music has always been Rado’s focus, he knew it was meant to only be one part of the empire he’s trying to build. So, in 2018 he launched JoogStarz the brand, a production company that aims to be a platform to unite creatives worldwide.  JoogStarz has already seen great success, providing opportunities to young producers, videographers, designers. It’s even released a streetwear collection. He attributes his early inspiration to expand beyond music and reach larger audiences to Young Jeezy,  Dipset and many more .  


“Jeezy a rapper from ATL, but when he first dropped you would see people all over Jersey wearing his snowman shirt. I thought it was dope that he was able to reach so many people through merch especially before social media.”


He’s taken his time to learn the game, build the network and define his talents. Now, Rado is ready to put his foot on the gas and take his music and brand to the next levels. Rado’s limit is beyond what we can see.





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